The Spanish manufacturer “Gambito de Dama” already has a waiting list: “We do not accept any other requests”


A good portion of Chessboards can be seen in the miniseries Lady’s gambit It’s made in Spain, in a family business Refurbished Ferrer. The owners of this small vaccination workshop in La Garriga (Barcelona) are amazing Overwhelmed with success From a series NetflixWinner of two Golden Globes, which had to be Double the annual production And there already is Waiting list Until next year to accept new applications.

Javier Ferrer, the company director and grandson of the founder, remains amazed by the staggering increase in demand. “They did not contact us, Nee Lady’s gambitAnd, nor Netflix, “he explains,” they picked us up a bit by accident because the world of chess is small and we have already made boards for clients in France, Italy, the UK, the US, New Zealand and even Japan.

A scene from the last chess in the Queen’s gambit.

He came from his workshop The painting appears at the grand end (No spoilers) Between Beth Harmon and Vasily Burgov: “There you see some black boards with special inlays in red and yellow. This detail reveals that it is one of our chessboards,” says Javier Ferrer. Actually, this was the board One of the first companies sold by the company abroad: “The first export was by a German client, the owner of the painting that came out in a final Lady’s gambit. We are making this model exclusively for him. “

Since the series aired, with more than 62 million viewers according to Netflix, the company has not stopped receiving new requests. “Our It was too much. We are a very small workshop with very manual operations. To continue making panels in the same quality, we can increase production a little, however We are not reaching all requests That goes into such a short time, “Ferrer explains. Annually we manufacture around 20,000 units of chess boards. At the moment we are getting orders to double action. To give you an idea, 8 weeks have passed from the moment the customer placed an order with us until they received it. This year we have already complete. We cannot serve anymore. “

Ferrer attributes the increase in orders to the shutdown, which led to a spike in board game sales and, of course, to the series’ success. Lady’s gambitA fictional story chronicling the life of a little chess prodigy, Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor JoyIn her battle to become the best player in the world:They have brought chess back into fashion. Extracurricular activities have multiplied, many schools have started offering lessons and chess clubs have increased their membership. “

Chessboard makers “by chance”

Chessboard manufacturing process.

Long before this phenomenon Lady’s gambit, Rechapados Ferrer was already a reference manufacturer in the world of chess: “We are a high quality chess board manufacturer with a lot of names. World Championship Boards Most of the customers who sell our paintings usually refer to it as an article made by Rechapados Ferrer, ” proudly refers to the founder’s grandson. 14 workersIt doesn’t sell directly to the end customer, but instead sends the product to the retailers responsible for distributing it. 98% of these councils end up outside of Spain.

“The company was set up by my grandfather in the 1950s. We make materials for furniture and door manufacturers, interior designers, and decorators … A decade later, chess boards started by chance. There was a client here, in the area. From La Roca,” Who made chess pieces out of solid wood and bought the boards in China. He wanted to sell his pieces with higher quality boards and contacted us. With that little opportunity, we started producing chess boards, which he liked so much and the rest was word from the people’s mouth. “

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