The United States seeks to integrate the peoples of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela into the Summit of the Americas

The United States seeks to integrate the peoples of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela into the Summit of the Americas

Washington. – United State Monday said he is looking for ways to cities CubaAnd Venezuela s Nicaragua represented in top of the americas which it will host in June, after plans to exclude those countries’ governments sparked boycott threats.

He told France Press agency government official from Joe Biden.

The Ninth Hemisphere Meeting, organized by the United States for the first time since the inaugural event in 1994, is scheduled for June 6-10 at Angels.

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But two weeks before the event, the White House has yet to release the guest list, though the State Department said on Friday it was confident of “strong participation.”

Cuba, which first attended the 2015 Summit of the Americas in Panama and returned to Lima in 2018, last month denounced its exclusion from preparations, saying it would be a “serious historical setback”. He will not call her.

Chief of American Diplomacy for the Americas, Brian Nicholsthen said he did not expect Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to be invited because they “do not respect” the 2001 Inter-American Democratic Charter, which was drafted at the request of the Third Summit of the Americas in Quebec.

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But the president of MexicoAndres Manuel Lopez ObradorHe announced that he would not go to Los Angeles “unless everyone is invited.”

His peers are from Bolivia Luis Ars. from Honduras, Xiomara Castro; and from Argentina, Alberto Fernandez; as well as leaders of the Caribbean community (caricum), which includes 14 countries, also questioned their participation. Chile did not require its assistance, but requested that the invitation be “as broad as possible”.

mexican foreign minister Marcelo EbrardHe confirmed that AMLO, as the Mexican president is known, spoke about the issue last week during a virtual meeting with former US Senator Chris Dodd, Biden’s special adviser to the summit.

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“It was a very frank conversation,” Ebrard said Wednesday. TwitterNoting that AMLO stated that “there should be no exceptions” and that the region should “enter a new historical phase”.

AMLO is betting that the region is progressing toward a “union” similar to the one that led to the creation of the European Union, and “leaving other phases of history more symbolized by what was OAS and other assumptions about “America for Americans.”

The Biden administration has not yet informed whether the Venezuelan opposition leader will be invited to Los Angeles Juan Guaidowhich Washington has recognized as the interim president of Venezuela since 2019, after ignoring the second term of Nicolas Maduro, considering it the result of a fraudulent election.

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Representatives of the Caribbean countries questioned Guaido’s final participation.

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