The Uruguay Sevens team played the Hong Kong leg of the World Tour newspaper

The Uruguay Sevens team played the Hong Kong leg of the World Tour  newspaper

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The Uruguayan rugby team played in the seven group stage in the Hong Kong leg of the World Tour and had three falls and two wins.

The Uruguay national team lost to Great Britain 14-12 and France 17-14, and in its third match it defeated its host Hong Kong 24-14, and with these results they agreed to compete for ninth place after they finished third in the group.

The duel for the final places was against Japan: Sky Blue crushed the Asians 40-0 with two tries by Bautista Basso, two more by Mateo Vinals, and those by Sebastian Schroeder and Diego Ardao. Thus, the team, led by Ivo Dujnjić, went on to play the semi-finals for ninth place against Ireland, but fell 7-31, and Matteo Vinals attempted a light blue.

With these results, Uruguay finished in 12th place, overtaking Kenya, Canada, Tonga, Japan, Hong Kong, Chile and Uganda, and overtaken by Spain, Great Britain, the United States, Ireland, Samoa, Australia, South Africa, France and Fiji. Argentina and first New Zealand.

In the general world ranking, Uruguay ranks 11th, which allows it to be in this circle.

a race

This series on the global circuit puts the teams in the order from which they will appear in the qualifiers for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Currently 16 teams are participating, but for the next series it will be reduced to 12 with the aim of equalizing the number of men. Teams with women and in line with the Olympic competition structure, so it will become a more competitive tournament.

The starting team was ranked 15th based on series points accumulated after Round 10 in Toulouse. Teams ranked 12th, 13th and 14th at the end of Toulouse will enter a four-team playoff alongside the winners of the 2023 Challenger Series in the eleventh and final round of the series in London.

The relegation play-off will have a league format with the top two teams playing a final. The winner will become the 1st XII team for the 2024 series, while the other three teams will enter their respective regional sevens tournaments to qualify for the 2024 World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series. The Challenger Series will continue to provide a path for teams that qualify for the World Rugby Sevens Series.

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