The US ambassador highlighted Mexico’s interest in the NFL

The US ambassador highlighted Mexico’s interest in the NFL

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The diplomat realized the great hobby that exists and is steadily growing

US Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar confirmed on Monday that almost 48 million Mexicans are interested in American footballIt is one of the most popular sports in his country.

“Here we are in the game, in the US-Mexico relationship and there are 48 million Mexicans interested in American football; this is a huge country where we have a great connection between Mexico and the United States,” he said. Ambassador.

NFL Los Angeles Rams champion Ken Salazar welcomed back Justin Harris at the US Embassy in Mexico, who presented the Vince Lombardi Trophy that his team won in Super Bowl L last February.

According to NFL data, Mexico is the second country in the world with the largest number of American football fans with more than 40 million followers, an activity that the American diplomat mentioned is dedicated to those hungry for success.

He stressed that “the greatness of the sport so widely recognized in the United States is made up of dreamy players who know that part of what you have to do in life is get into the game and fight for success.”

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