Novak Djokovic still hopes to play the US Open without a vaccination

Novak Djokovic still hopes to play the US Open without a vaccination

Wimbledon is in its early days of activity, but it could mark the last participation of Novak Djokovic In a major tournament in 2022. Serbian tennis player He doesn’t know if he will be able to play the US OpenWhich marks the last part of the season… for not being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Even the controversy surrounding Djokovic in Australia has taken on political overtones, but the world’s number one doesn’t seem to understand the lesson. After he was deported and Missed the Australian OpenIn addition to some subsequent tournaments, the shot was rumored to have appeared on her radar.

This is only as a result of Rafael Nadal surpassing him in Grand Slam titles; However, Djokovic himself assured us once again that this idea was sporadic or simply did not exist at all.

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Djokovic doubts about the US Open

The The possible absence of Novak Djokovic At the US Open, it was not because of a physical problem, but because of a personal decision. For several months, he made it clear that he did not intend to get the coronavirus vaccine, and even declared that he would rather lose the prizes than apply the corresponding doses.

After months complicated by the epidemic and amid a new rise in infections in some countries, In the United States, the vaccine remains mandatory. for foreigners. Nol’s only hope is that the situation will improve and the restrictions will change.

To this day I am not allowed to enter the United States under these circumstances. I’d like to go, but that’s not a possibility now. It is up to the US government to decide whether unvaccinated people can enter the country. That’s extra motivation to play well here.Djokovic announced before his debut at Wimbledon.

Novak Djokovic still hopes to play the US Open... without a vaccination
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Transformers that Nol will miss at the end of the season

Although there are other tournaments yet Tour of the United States, the weight of these is important in terms of points. And these things are important to Djokovic because by not adding players from Wimbledon, he will be one of the tennis players who will lose the most places in the ATP rankings.

Washington, Montreal, Cincinnati, Winston Salem, and the US Open They will be completely excluded for the Serbs. Also among these are the Los Cabos Open in the 250 class; At the moment, we do not know if there is a possibility of Novak Djokovic returning to Mexico.

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