The Costa Blanca Cup presents a version born of resilience

The Costa Blanca Cup presents a version born of resilience

Benidorm. The Costa Blanca Cup presented its 28th edition in the football category and the 17th edition in futsal on Tuesday at the Benidorm Tourism Foundation building. The tournament will bring together up to 600 matches, averaging 109 matches per day, for a total of 3,810 matches. This grassroots football and futsal event will return to pre-pandemic numbers, meaning that having teams from all over Spain and beyond will reflect very impressive numbers.

Teams from 16 different countries will compete: Uganda, Portugal, Mexico, Jamaica, Iceland, Northern Ireland, England, France (the country with the 23 most contributions), the United States, Egypt, Canada, Brazil, Bahrain and Belgium. Australia and, obviously, Spain (there will be twelve autonomous communities). Five continents are represented.

This means a total of 109 clubs, 36 of which are foreigners, which will leave 265 teams participating between the men’s and women’s soccer categories and the modified soccer categories. This will translate into a football experience for nearly 4,000 participants, which means a great generation of sports tourism and a week’s night stay in the region. The Costa Blanca Cup added, and adds and will continue to add: 24,000 direct overnight stays plus indirect accommodations from relatives during the week.

In such a way that these two pillars that are part of the core of CBC converge: sports, global and tourism.

“This event will feature eight venues with Benidorm, Altea and Benissa, returning as venue, Calpe, Finestrat, La Nucía, Polop and Villajoyosa. For participants, sports insurance and health service are included. Tournament Director Fernando Brutons explained, who highlighted the personalities Associated with the tourism aspect: “The Costa Blanca Cup helps in the development of tourism, especially with the contribution in terms of hotel occupancy: 23 properties, 22,456 direct overnights, to which the indirect is added. Its turnover is expected to amount to 6,927,28.290 euros.”

In terms of sports, it highlighted the Inclusive category, which was recognized at the ‘Empren Esport Awards’, promoted by the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, headed by Juan Roig, and Marca newspaper, in the Modified Sports category for being a project for inclusion from the football categories it plays Persons with Disabilities at the CBC International Football Tournament at the grassroots level. Since 2015, the organization has already revitalized the competition with a team of players with intellectual disabilities, but this recognition for Emprén Esport also came from the inclusion of the blind category, which will already be part of this upcoming 2022 edition.

Browse Fernando Brutons Activities that will be part of the sporting event From parallel events and the opening ceremony at the Julio Iglesias Auditorium in Benidorm, as well as the restoration of the team’s parade. The coaches’ match, the leaders’ dinner will converge, and recall using the official tournament app for Android and iOS. The Costa Blanca Cup presents a Weekly program with a large number of actions and presentation For the participants and their families.

For his part, Benidorm Mayor Toni Perez appreciated that “this is another version that is not. The data is excellent and stressful. There is a great job, we are aware of it and the difficulties we all faced until May 2021. This gave resilience to an event that is most important.” in the region, especially for the participants.”

Benidorm’s mayor emphasized that in the background “the great message of the sporting culture is a symbiosis that transcends participation. There are all the ingredients that underpin Benidorm’s commitment to organization. Everyone who competes will have a megacity at their disposal. Everything will be possible to experience again in this space.” .

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