South American Liga MX journalist blew himself up over Salvio’s arrival in Pumas: ‘Where do they get the money from’

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In the absence of official confirmation, Eduardo tutu sage Become a new player cougars Opening 2022 and leaving Boca Juniors After three years in the enterprise, after not reaching an agreement to renew the contract, for which the team Andres Lelini He will have a whole squad to face the new championship of MX . League.

This news did not sit well for some fans Zenez It also raised the presumption of some analysts in Mexico, such as David Fattelsonwho turned to social networks to write this “Very Boca, Very Boca”, but lost “to Peletazus” Against one of the most economically humble teams in Mexican football.

The responses came immediately against the sports commentator, among them the Argentine journalist Paul Carranzawho has more than 160,000 followers on Twitter It exploded against Mexican football, which he described as “semi-amateur” and with questionable money.

Argentine journalist Pablo Carrozza blew up the Liga MX League when Toto Salvio arrived at Pumas (Image: Twitter / @pablocarrozza)
Argentine journalist Pablo Carrozza blew up the Liga MX League when Toto Salvio arrived at Pumas (Image: Twitter / @pablocarrozza)

“The difference between Boca and Onam chicks is like playing it professionally or doing it in your own backyard. Salvio goes to Mexico for leadsEven though it’s almost an amateur league. Let’s not ask where they got the money from.”

This is how Carusa replied to David Fattelson through your account TwitterHe made clear his idea that football in Mexico is not on par with what is in the First Division in Argentina, to the point of categorizing it at a semi-professional level.

As if that wasn’t enough, the journalist explained the reasons for it Edward Salvio To leave the Argentine league, because in his opinion he left only to ensure the future of his family and not for the passion of playing against the “caged snail of Tijuana”, an ironic comment regarding the titles launched by the teams MX . League.

Toto Salvio will be Pumas' new star to sign the opening MX League in 2022 (Image: Reuters/Manuel Clore)
Toto Salvio will be Pumas’ new star to sign the opening MX League in 2022 (Image: Reuters/Manuel Clore)

Finally, in a second post, Carusa once again wondered about the origin of the money circulating in Aztec footballwhere the salaries of footballers are two steps higher than what Argentina offers today.

“Salvio will play with the Quico ball to secure his family’s future, not because he is dying to face a caged Tijuana snail, who has a kid in a 502 shirt. Sometimes you have to say where do Mexicans get their money from

Looking at these comments, Vitellson He didn’t want to get into an argument and just gave his opinion on football levels in the two leagues, which he partially agreed with his South American colleague about the intensity of the match:

David Fittelson spoke about Liga MX's level compared to the Argentine league (Image: Twitter / @Faitelson_ESPN)
David Fittelson spoke about Liga MX’s level compared to the Argentine league (Image: Twitter / @Faitelson_ESPN)

“There is not much to argue about this: Mexican football has a more stable economy than Argentina, but Argentina has a level and competitive intensity that Liga MX would envy…”

In this way, the comparison between two of the most powerful leagues on the American continent exploded once again, as both MX . League Such as Argentine first class They are found as two football references in the region, together with Brasileirão and more recently together with football League (MLS) from the United States.

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