The World Upside Down, by Francesc Peron


Anyone with wild eyes like Marty Feldman latest madness De Mel Brooks.

The mask has been taken off and the sport in the United States has been inverted like the sock. Freedom from the pandemic has turned the world upside down.

The events section includes the huge media hype that occurred this week due to the departure of the footballer Karl Nesib from the closet. Built into the Las Vegas Raiders roster, Nassib is a defender, so stereotypes describe him as a huge and very masculine hunk, capable of handling a deer or a moped buggy. He is the first active player in this competition to admit that he is gay and his revelations had a huge impact. He made something that might be controversial at a celebration and earned praise for his gesture.

In a country where fanaticism and fanaticism are growing to mark your line with me or in contact with me, it brings a breath of fresh air.

On the list there are other names that fascinate, such as Shohei Ohtani. Japanese baseball player for the Los Angeles Angels, jar or launcher. Generally, jar They don’t play hitters, and when they do, they tend not to be related. But Ohtani breaks the usual moulds. Until Sunday, he was third on the list of most players home run The most expensive hit ever recorded in this league.

Among the amazing things we have to talk about is winter sports. This is what ice hockey is supposed to be like. Maybe think of ice as part of a file Frozen Margherita or cubes Whiskey on the rocks The North American League final, the Stanley Cup, kicks off on Monday, midsummer. Watch the data, for the second year in a row, after winning the last time, is played by Lightning, of Tampa Bay (Florida), a more popular surfing and coconut beach spot.

More awesome: A team that has never won an NBA title will win the NBA Finals. There are Milwaukee Bucks, Atlanta Hawks (east), Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Clips (west) looking for a place in the final.

It was the year of the acquittal of veteran Chris Paul (The Suns), who was considered by many to bury him, and the affirmation that money isn’t everything. The two stubborn teams, the Lakers and Nets, are on vacation.

Contrary to reality, the middle class wins and the 1% of the rich loses.

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