There is already movement in Cuscatlán to see Selecta

There is already movement in Cuscatlán to see Selecta

Despite the rain and a state of alarm, fans arrived at the stadium early to “prepare” the US game in the League of Nations.

The United States is a more attractive choice than Granada. It’s a fact, not just because of the rivalry, but because it’s so much more important to see a level team against Selecta than a team from the Caribbean, beyond the fact that those on this side held us in the last game (2-2 draw on the island).

This afternoon, a few fans started arriving early in Cuscatlan to “fit in” and set up the match against the Stars and Stripes team.

# live | That’s how the atmosphere is at the Estadio Cuscatlan, ahead of the Selecta match against the United States at 8:00 pm in the CONCACAF Nations League.


Posted by El Salvador Tuesday 14 June 2022

“There is already a lot of movement, and there is already a hobby. In the surroundings, especially in the shady and northern sector of the sun, as well as in the stalls, there is good activity. In the favorite northern sun, there is not much activity,” Roberto Leiva of the basketball court.

Despite the bad weather and rain alert in almost all regions of the country, early fans did not hesitate to arrive early in Cuscatlán, but at the rate that everything is going, it will certainly not be one of the best tickets, and it will be far from that occasion that equals In which the team goalless against the United States at the beginning of the qualifying round for the World Cup.

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