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The Olympic dream is still possible by Mauricio Moreno and Alessandro Cordone, the ITESM Puebla rugby sheep student and respectively coach. All this when they fight to re-specialize within a month, in Method Seven, in the Principality of Monaco, where there will be a ticket available for the Tokyo Games in Japan.

Moreno, who represents Mexico in midfield and inaugural position, was one of four blue and white players considered during the Olympic qualifiers, but he is the only one to reach the finalists. The above after being studied by the senior leadership of Las Serpientes after a series or group of three visits.

He was accompanied on the tests by Porphyrio Cocolotel, Tobias Hernandez and Fernando Mendoza, aiming to form the final list of 12 places. But these have not managed to beat all of the filters that should be called up or considered.

“Mauricio is at his best, with a good streak in both Etihad and in CONADEIP and CONDDE, he has been a key player in setting the Xv position, and he has proven this level,” says Alessandro Cordone, coach of Borrejos Puebla and also in charge of physical preparation for Las Serpientes .

“He deserves it. He is one of the most committed people, always participating and striving to support his colleagues. He added that with this scheme of performance and effort it is worth it.”

Once on the call, Moreno must join the national team on May 31 in the nation’s capital, and stay in a bubble to avoid COVID-19 contagion. On June 13, he and Las Serpents will travel to Monaco for the Olympic playoff match to Tokyo.

It should be noted that Mexico falls into Group A, along with Samoa, Ireland, Tonga and Zimbabwe. Sector B consists of France, Hong Kong, Chile, Uganda and Jamaica.

According to Cordone, Peloton A is tough with teams like Zimbabwe, which are as influenced by rugby power as South Africa.

For his part, Coach Cordone expressed his happiness to be part of the coaching staff of Las Serpientes alongside Pablo Guerrero (Rusters Querétaro) and Rubén Duque, coach of the national team.

(Being a coach at Las Serpientes) is an achievement thanks to the results I have achieved with Borregos, coaching sessions and my career. It’s been a lot of work these weeks and I’m happy to be representing Mexico and Tek

Alessandro Cordone, coach Borrejos Puebla

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