These are 5 unknown horror series on Netflix that will make you rocking


The Netflix Algorithms In general, they leave us at the desk, the most famous or commercial series and movies, which in the end are what we consume most, because we put them under our noses. But if you like to delve into unknown content, you cannot miss these terrifying products.

Not all horror series is produced in the United States. Some are made in other countries Like Russia and Germany or even Egypt and India, these are great works to watch and little is known about on Netflix. Consilas.

To the lake

This is a Russian horror series, even a horror master recommended it King Stephen. The story takes place in a city hit by a strange virus that forces the government to take maximum measures.


beastFuturistic horror series created in India. It tells the story of a prisoner who is sent to a remote military interrogation center where he turns his captors upside down by revealing his shameful secrets and unleashing a demon of Arab folklore.


It is a British horror comedy recommended for fans Buffy: A deadly and supernatural vampire, As they made sure he followed a similar formula. Linked to the life of Amy, the girl who has the ability to see the souls of the dead, who wants to take over humans. Amy will have to stop them with the help of online lessons.

Ash versus the Evil Dead

There can’t be an episodic part missing from this list like the fun horror comedy Ash vs. Evil Dead, a series created as Sam Remy, Evil Dead filmmaker. The series follows Raimi’s latest movie about demons, which now follows Ash in his new life with new friends and many more demons.


We are not referring to the movie with the same title, but to a horror series and Doubts that arose in Egypt. The story takes place in the 1960s, as the doctor discovers an inexplicable series of events that will make him remember demons and ghosts from his past.


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