These are the changes that will be shown in the Netflix remake of “Matilda”

These are the changes that will be shown in the Netflix remake of “Matilda”

‘Matilda’ is coming to Netflix, More than one fans could not resist the urge to find out what this remake is, which, according to its producers, It will surpass the original plot that is still popular with its loyal audience.

and that is The broadcasting platform decided to return This story Which is further enhanced by an unforgettable musical that makes more than a sigh of its melodies and funny situations that continue to set trends in the world and now more than ever through social networks in which photos, memes and more are sent. Feedback Since it was known that at the end of 2022, this production will be available as a Christmas gift to all subscribers.

But what many have been wondering about is If this new version will have the same plot core as the original Or, on the contrary, it will have some modifications that will allow it to look more modern, dynamic and entertaining for new generations.

Changes that will appear in the new version of “Matilda” on Netflix

With the unveiling of The official trailer for “Matilda” The audience was able to realize that while the gist of this story was preserved, there were also some obvious changes in this material that immediately went viral and allowed hasty conclusions to be drawn from now on about what was to come.

But, so that you can see what changes have been made, be sure to familiarize yourself with the new details that this children’s plot will bring to the waiting Netflix audience:

The story will take place in Great Britain: Contrary to what happened with the original story released in 1966 in which this tape was recorded entirely in the United States. This mod has been specifically given to give it a more modern touch and to allow you to notice the difference from start to finish.

It has a renewed crew: This time the main numbers will be Alisha Weir who will play Matilda, Emma Thompson It will be the damn tronchatoro Lashana Lynch will play Miss Honey, Andrea Riseborough will play Mrs. Wormwood, and Stephen Graham is Mr. Wormwood and Sindhu will play Miss Phelps. Each of them will give a special and different touch to this plot that also promises many surprises.

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