The most-watched movie on HBO Max isn’t Snyder Cut, but this comedy

The most-watched movie on HBO Max isn’t Snyder Cut, but this comedy

it’s a Snyder’s Cut It was a success, undeniably (it even won an “Oscar”), but Failed to be the most watched movie on HBO Max In the world, at least among those who have only been shown for the first time on the platform.

This is according to the published information By the deadlineThe remake From father of the brideWith Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefanmanaged to position himself as a Best show in history hbo max In just 4 days.

It was an absolute success No. 1 In the US (this weekend was Father’s Day) and Practically all over the world. In Spain, for example, it is currently the second most popular on the platform after Nobody knows anything.

Part of the critics weren’t too kind to this A new version of the classics Steve Martin (based on another movie from the 1950s) It centers around a Latino family celebrating on the one hand their daughter’s wedding, while the parents are in the process of separating. It is completely different from the original, and in this the relationship of parents takes on more importance, but this is part of what pleased those who gave it a good grade. transcends laughter It also gives space for family traditions, diverse Latin culture, and legacy to be left to children.

As always, the audience decides for themselves and before doing this, get to the podium to watch the film. And it looks like they did it en masse because it piled up The highest audience level out of all premiered exclusively in flow.

So if someone still doesn’t know what the most watched movie on HBO Max actually is, you can add father of the bride To your summer movie list and enjoy Comedy with a lot of heart. There is nothing better than that.

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