They presented a new batch of the program “Read Science, Read the Future”

The collection consists of 3 free distribution posts and a series of podcasts narrated by Gabicho and Magdalena Fletas. Books and podcast chapters are also available digitally.

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation presented a new set of books Hello science! Within the framework of the program to enhance reading scientific texts “Read science, read the future”It has been officially reported.

The collection consists of three free-to-distribute editions and a podcast series narrated by Gabicho (Gabriel Wiznia), member of the children’s rock band Los Raviolis, and musician and teacher Magdalena Fletas.

The publications that include this new group are:

The perfect cityby Laura Escudero Tobler and Matthias Aldaz

The monkeys who saved the moonby Sylvia Sugar

painted riverby Franco Vaccarini.

point of view from science

Each story is accompanied by a brief text that provides a scientific view of a notable event in the story, as reported by the Ministry of Science through a statement.

“In this way, artists, authors, authors, scientists and scholars come together to bring the world of science closer to the readers.”they argued from the briefcase headed by Velmus.

With podcasts and free download

In addition, the podcast narrated by gabychu and Magdalena Fleetas. In this way, artists, authors, authors, scholars, and scientists come together to bring the world of science closer to readers.

Collaborating on this new collection they presented a new collection for children from EUDEBA’s Read Science, Read the Future editorial, Artemisa and Grupo Norma Argentina’s editorials.

At the C3 reading and listening point, there will be various books of the program and versions of the audiobooks that can be listened to on publicly available tablets.

The podcast will be uploaded to the platforms Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast, TEC s Number It can even be heard on cell phones. It will also be uploaded to the C3 website.

You can download digital versions by doing click here

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