This app for Mac transcribes voice notes in seconds

This app for Mac transcribes voice notes in seconds

Find out the topic of voice messages when you can’t hear them!

A group of developers has successfully solved one of the main problems when it comes to listening to voice notes. Nothing but the curious around us. in this way, Scusi for macOS copies voice messages we don’t want to play.

According to a post by 9to5macAnd the Jordi Bruin and Hidde van der Ploeg تطبيق ApplicationIt works in a very simple and impressive way. It is available for all Macs running macOS Monterey and later.

Copy in seconds and in many languages

To use Scusi, users only need Drag and drop any iMessage voice memo into the app Copy it and the result will appear on the side of the app.

According to its creators, All speech-to-text conversions are done on the user’s Mac. They ensure there is no tracking and no way to store your voice messages by following a privacy first approach. Likewise, it offers the possibility to change with adjustable playback speed of audio notes, from 0.5x or accelerated to 2.0x.

The best part is that the app Supports multiple languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Ukrainian, Russian, Boy, Portuguese.

Scusi’s general features include:

  • Voice memos texts in iMessage.
  • Integrated directly into the iMessage app.
  • Adjustable playback speed for audio notes (playback at 0.5 – 2.0x speed).
  • Remember the language by conversation.
  • All speech to text is made on the device.
  • No tracking data.
  • Now available for macOS, and soon on iOS.

At the moment, the service is not available in the App Store, so it is necessary Download it for free from a file official site Thus, macOS will warn of security risks, which can be ignored to continue the process. According to its creators, Scusi requires no manual configuration and does not touch the iMessage icon directly.

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