This is how the history of the Ecuadorian national team match against Senegal and other African teams remains football | sports

This is how the history of the Ecuadorian national team match against Senegal and other African teams remains  football |  sports

There was no miracle, nor a new page in the history of Ecuador, the youngest team in the World Cup in Qatar, and one of the most exciting teams because of the insolence of its players, the toughness of its game, and the enthusiasm of its team.

The tri-colour team leaves Qatar in great pain, with a pending account against rivals from Africa, but with great hope because there is a future in their ranks and now the tri-colour can hold onto this new generation.

La Tre says goodbye to the drumbeat of thousands of Senegalese who were left with the euphoria that Ecuador was watching in its first duel against an African team in the World Cup and the tenth in history, after the international friendlies.

Ecuador and Senegal: how many times have they met, results, background, curiosities and goals

Four wins, two draws and four losses It is the accumulated tally from June 1995 to the present of the trio against the national teams of Africa. Three crosses against Senegal, which leaves Gustavo Alfaro’s pupils out of this Tuesday’s World Cup.

The first encounters were against Zambia, with the South American country winning two matches: on the 4th of June 1995 they were thrashed 4-0 and on the 12th of the same month it ended with a 1-0 victory. The two meetings took place in Changwon, South Korea.

Seven years later, on April 17, 2002, Ecuador faced South Africa in Murcia, Spain. The match ended in a goalless draw.

Coulibaly’s heartfelt tribute to Pape Bouba Diop scoring the goal in a 2-1 win over Ecuador

In May of the same year, the first time was against Senegal before Ecuador made its debut in the first World Cup in its history, Korea-Japan 2002. The confrontation took place on May 23 in Tottori, Japan; It was a 0-1 victory for the African comers.

As for the other confrontation, it was on December 27, 2005 in the framework of the LG Cup in Cairo 2005 in Cairo, Egypt. It was a 1-2 victory for Leones del Teranga. Two days later, La Tri was defeated again by the same score against Uganda.

Previously, on October 22, 2004, Midland faced Nigeria, in a valid commitment to the LG Cup competition held in Tripoli (Libya). The tie was at 2.

Then, the Ecuadorians met again with Las Super Aguilas last June in the United States, precisely in a duel preparatory to the ecumenical event in Qatar. In New Jersey, it was a 1-0 win for the Tricolor on a goal by Pervis Estupinian.

A few days later, the team led by Argentine Alvaro faced another test match against an African match and ended in victory: 1-0 against Cape Verde, with both Jordi Caicedo from the penalty spot.

And now the Ecuadorians expected their team to reach the World Cup round of 16 for the second time, in the match against Senegal in Qatar 2022, after a 0-2 victory over the host country and an exciting one-goal draw against the Netherlands.

“They will take revenge,” assures coach Gustavo Alfaro who looks to the future without knowing if it will also be his, but who shares the pain of the present as another.


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