This is the schedule of the positions of the valued CONCACAF towards the World Cup Qatar 2022 after the second day


The second day of the eight final of the CONCACAF Championship on the way to the World Cup Qatar 2022 left great surprises and important moves in the standings.

The activity began in Kingston where Panama scored its first win in a tie, thrashed hard 0-3 for Jamaica, which sinks with zero points. The channel reaches four units.

Andres Andrade (14), Rolando Blackburn (39) and Cecilio Waterman (81) scored the goals of the match, which was held without an audience at Independence Park (81).

At Cuscatlán, the Honduran national team added another away game, 0-0 against El Salvador In a brave match in front of an amazing crowd.

Fabian Cueto’s team reaches two points after two games (1-1 against Canada), as are the Salvadorans. Honduras is in fourth place.

And in the third match of the day, Mexico surprised Costa Rica in their own backyard and snatched the victory (0-1) thanks to a goal from Orville Pineda, after 45 minutes from a penalty kick.

This is Tricolor’s second win in the playoffs, reaching six points and leading, after Thursday’s 2-1 win at home to Jamaica. Costa Rica goalkeeper Keylor Navas couldn’t do much to prevent his fence from falling.

At the end of the day, the US and Canada tied 1-1 at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. Both teams reach two points

The next day:

Canada vs El Salvador

Costa Rica – Jamaica

Panama vs Mexico

Honduras vs. the United States

Position table:

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