This series makes sexual diversity visible and is based on a comic; You can watch it on Netflix | TRAILER

This series makes sexual diversity visible and is based on a comic;  You can watch it on Netflix |  TRAILER

Netflix has established itself as one of the most popular audiovisual entertainment options around the world, and although this Los Gatos, California company was founded in 1997, it wasn’t until 2007 that it began offering its services through personal computers in the States. United. However, the LLC started offering DVD rental service through postal mail, but is now one of the best audiovisual production companies in terms of creating and acquiring series and movie related products for worldwide distribution.

In this sense, the options are numerous within this platform, which has titles ranging from dramas and comedies, to documentaries and lively series; Among his major original works are Orange is the New Black, Black Mirror and Stranger Things.

However, Netflix has also sought a way to innovate and innovate with its content, talking not only about phantom plots or heterosexual dramas, but has created content with references to the LGBT+ community.

What is the theme of “Heartstopper”?

As with his latest release Heartstopper, which follows the story of a teenage love story between two young men who meet at an all-boys school. As the days go by, they will both begin to connect with different ideas and ways of seeing life, but also in sports; This will lead them to establish something more than just friendship.

It should be noted that this serial production was very well received by the teenage audience, which is directed to it, since according to the criticisms of Google users, 98% of the votes were in favor of this production.

Two more seasons confirmed

On the other hand, it is important to note that this serial production was created and written by Alice Osman, which is based on the synonymous graphic novel and web-comedy by Alice Osman. Directed by Euro Lane and starring Joe Locke, Kate Connor, Jasmine Feeney, and William Gau.

In short, it is important to stress that the first season had eight episodes, and they recently announced the creation of two more seasons, promising to solve all the doubts of the story.

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