This will be the role of Maluma in the Disney movie Encanto


United State. – past years for Maluma They have achieved great success, since the song they released, and the song that took first places in the popularity charts. But his success is not only in the world of music, but also in the world of television and now in the world of dubbing, where Maluma already had a role in a film by the director Disney.

It’s about the tape.CharmIt is a new Disney animated film, based on the story of a Latin American family.

And through social networks, it became known that the translator “Hawaii“He will be the one who gives life to one of the characters in ‘Encanto’, because the film is inspired by the experiences of the Colombian dynasties, so the role is perfect for him.

Maluma republished Disney and showed his happiness with the project. Photo: Twitter.

Disney recently released the official trailer for the movie where we met the characters, and one of them is called Marino, which the reggaeton player will give life to, and, according to netizens, even share a physical resemblance to the artist.

Maluma did not miss the opportunity to be excited about this new challenge, as he will give his voice and be part of the wonderful Disney family:

I am proud to be a part of this beautiful story.”

According to the portals specializing in film content, the character of Mariano will be the heart of the story that will accompany Maribel’s sister, the hero, and will play her role. Olga Lucia Vives, a member of the Valentino group, but they have not yet confirmed whether Maluma will only lend his voice to the character or if it will be part of the film’s soundtrack.

In addition to the reggaeton singer, there are other famous names such as Maria Cecilia Botero, which would be Alma, the grandmother of the Madrigal family; Carolina GitanLike Aunt Pepa. salsa singer Mauro Castillo, will give life to Felix, and John Leguizamo, like Bruno, Maribel’s uncle.

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