Do not believe the reality indicates the use of a lie detector: eyes do not speak


Netflix jump on the wagon the facts With so many recent posts these days. One of them is love with guaranteeIt is a program in which six couples spend three weeks in an ideally located villa. To win the prize, they just have to tell the truth; Something that supposes it won’t be easy. The reason we talk about this in a science article is that, to hunt down liars, the show uses a file Lie detector Supposedly it picks up who isn’t telling the truth through small changes in eyes And his look.

One wonders if this is possible. If so, why not use it in court to make sure that Testimonials – Recommendations fact? Or in Parliament? Well, we will not dwell on the latter, because it will be a difficult topic. But yes in experiments.

Really, it is very important to discover that what is said in them is true. if it was lie detectors It was really effective and no doubt would be used outside of reality shows. The problem is that the scientific evidence doesn’t make it look good. Neither the ones that are based on the eyes nor anything else. Let’s see the reasons.

The pseudoscience that looks for lies in your eyes

Much of what eye-based lie detectors measure stands on foundations NLP. This is nothing more and nothing less than a pseudoscience, invented in the seventies before Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Frank Boslick. She advocates a relationship between neural processes, language, and behavior patterns that are learned through experience.

There are many physiological factors related to truth or lie; But by focusing on the eyes, it is often said that people who lie tend to look right, while those who tell the truth wear their eye movements left. All this, of course, unconsciously.

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