Tim Burton comes to Netflix with the Addams family


Very good news for fans of the director Tim Burton, But also for those who really like moviesThe Addams FamilyVery popular in the 1990s: Tim Burton arrives in Netflix Con Wed Addams, Known in Spanish as MerlinOne of the characters who really fascinated us, we can’t wait to see Burton’s touch in his life story!

While some details of the story are being decided, it is known that it will revolve around Adam’s Wednesday School Days, and that it will have a twist Coming of ageOne of the genres we like the most. Tim Burton He will be the director and executive producer.

On the other hand, it is still too early to find out about potential actors, but without a doubt they will have to do a giant search to find the best, because Angelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd, Christina Richie And the entire cast in the ’90s movies was exemplary.

What movies did Tim Burton direct?

This project is not only exciting because of the main character, but because it will be the debut of Tim Burton Bring something out for TV (and no doubt he does it nicely by joining in Netflix). Yes, he directed some episodes of ‘Presents Alfred HitchcockAnd do not forget that he was the inventor and executive producer of the animated television series.Beetlejuice‘, But this would be a 100% private project, and one that really excites us!

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