Tod@s Fall movie will have a remake in the US

Tod@s Fall movie will have a remake in the US

Madrid. – Tod@s caen’s Mexican comedy, written by and starring Martha Higareda, will be remade in the US, for which the Tabasco native will serve as executive producer.

He noted that talks began last year and the idea is to start filming sometime next summer at a location in the north of the country.

The film, which sold 2.6 million tickets in Mexican theaters, tells the story of Mia, an ambitious woman and feminist, and Adrien (Omar Chaparro), a sassy seducer, who try to win each other over, realizing that anything goes, except they truly fall in love.

“They loved the story, and found it fresh and fun in this wave of power struggles, where the heart wins in the end,” said Martha.

“It’s a free adaptation. They’re obviously telling me and that’s great because the co-writer brings it to me and teaches it and says if I have any grades, give it a go.”

The actress will serve as an executive producer, but will also have a special appearance playing the character Claudia Alvarez in the Mexican version.

In the original version, Claudia is a shy girl who eventually has a relationship with the character played by “El Diablito”.

“Talks started last year and I think filming will take place sometime in the summer,” he says.

Tod@s caen was his fourth screenplay, after I introduced you to Laura, nearly a decade ago; Marry Who He Can, which seemed at the time to be an Italian reversal of Unfulfilled, and 3 Idiots, an adaptation of a story from India.

A few days ago, her latest original story, Fuga de renas, came to the Netflix streaming platform, a comedy about four women who decide to free themselves from their current situation with men and redeem themselves.

The actress, who began her career on set two decades ago with Amar T. Doyle, comments that she was in therapy while writing the story.

Obviously, everything that happens (in the film) is fun, but there are certain moments where (the characters) wonder where they lived happily ever after, I’m tired of thinking about that delusion, and that’s (exactly) an illusion, they lived happily ever after after being Building them on a daily basis and there is a responsibility to build it and not excuse the other person if they are controlling,” he expresses.

Martha was in the Spanish capital as a presenter for the Platino Awards.

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