Tokyo 2020: Ugandan athlete tests positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in Japan


Member of the Olympic team Uganda Tested positive for COVID-19 and was banned from Japan, in the first injury discovered among the athletes who reached the opening Tokyo Games In five weeks.

The other eight team members left early Sunday morning on a chartered bus bound for the central Japanese host city Osaka, where COVID-19 cases are still being reported.

Yasutoshi Nishimura, the minister in charge of economic policy, said on NHK TV on Sunday that Japan government He was investigating what happened to border controls in the face of the positive response to COVID-19 in the Ugandan player.

Has the Uganda team been vaccinated against COVID-19?

Tokyo 2020: An athlete from Uganda tests positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in Japan.

The Asahi newspaper, citing an unidentified official from the Cabinet Secretariat, reported that the athletes, who arrived late Saturday at Tokyo’s Narita Airport, had been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus with AstraZeneca doses and underwent negative PCR tests before boarding the plane.

The team member who tested positive has not been identified. Local media said the person would remain in a government facility.

Critics have raised serious questions about the risks of holding the Olympics in the midst of a pandemic. But Japan has ruled out suspending the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“Let’s all wait a moment,” opposition lawmaker Renho said on her Twitter account. “This time nine people came. For the Olympics, 100,000 people will arrive. This is not the time to talk about how it will be an emotional experience for our children.”

Does Japan require quarantine in Tokyo 2020?

Tokyo 2020: An athlete from Uganda tests positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in Japan.

Japan imposes a two-week quarantine on overseas arrivals, but the Olympic team is not subject to the same border controls.

Organizers are expected to set a fan limit of 10,000 for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Plans for mass public viewing sites in Tokyo were canceled on Saturday.

Fans from abroad were banned several months ago. Before the pandemic, Japan depended on the Olympics to generate thriving tourism and consumer spending.

Team Uganda She was the second, after the Australian women’s softball team, to reach Tokyo Olympics 2020, which begins on July 23.

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