Julio Urreas and Victor Gonzalez visited the White House and lived with Joe Biden

(Photo: Twitter / Dodgers)

About nine months after winning a cup World Championship repeatedly After 32 years, a team Los Angeles Dodgers visited Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House. Julio Urreas and Victor Gonzalez, Those who were an essential part of obtaining the championship were also present. In law, Mexicans form The first champion team to visit the home of the 46th President of the United States.

through your account Twitter, vice president Kamala Harris released a photo Where, along with Joe Biden, holding the champion team’s jersey labeled with the number 49. In the background the rest of the players were watching the scene, although Among the faces, the sexy bowler Julio Ureas stood out. “It’s great to see the 2020 World Championship champions, the Dodgers, at the White House today,” the woman said.

The visit was important too, as it was The first since the World Health Organization issued a decree on the outbreak of the epidemic By spreading the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In this sense, the North American country’s president noted, “What we’ve discovered is that we need sports more than we think.” In addition, he praised the work of the team that ended a long dry spell in “One of the most challenging years.”

(Photo: Twitter /VP)
(Photo: Twitter /VP)

The presence of Mexicans, especially from Julio Urreas, very relevant. before 2020, The last time the Dodgers won the championship was 1988. On that occasion, the bowler who made the achievement was another Mexican, i.e. Fernando “El Toro” in Venezuela, who set a trend and left a very important imprint in the history of the ninth of California.

And so, with the latest coronation, Julio Urillas was as famous as the legendary serpentine player. He and Gonzalez engaged together, but Sinaloa, a native of Culiacan, was responsible for Finishing the sixth game in the series, where he was given the daunting task of suspending matches in the last two rounds without allowing runs. The victory has undoubtedly made him one of the most popular characters of the season.

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