Tom Brady Extended Contract With Tampa Bay Buccaneers | United State


The continuity of the legendary midfielder Tom Brady With th Pirate de Tampa Bay On Friday, the team reported that it is insured until the 2022 season.

Although the terms of the new agreement were not disclosed, the media reported that it is about Four-year extension, Which cancels the former and, for the first time, grants the pirates a second contract to the quarterback player.

The new agreement allows Pirates have saved 19 million of the salary ceiling this year.

While the remaining years of the contract would allow him to consume the more than $ 25 million salary that Brady would receive, he agreed to this kind of deal to make it easier for the current champions. Energy Stay together.

Especially BradyAnd through his post on Instagram, he showed a photo at the time of signing the new contract and said he was ready to win eighth place Energy.

BradyThe 43-year-old had previously said his goal was to play until the age of 45, but during Super Bowl Week he expressed a desire to continue beyond that age.

Quarterback will turn 44 next season, and with one year added to his deal, he will be on contract until he turns 45. The family will play an important role in determining whether Brady actually plays beyond that age.

In his first season with the Pirates, Brady He won his seventh Super Bowl title, beating the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, in what was the first Super Bowl in which a team played at home.

an agreement Brady It gives Bucs room to catch the outer back Chuck Barrett, Who had 4.0 bags during qualifying and led the NFL with 19.5 bags in 2019.

They also hope to do the same with a tight finish Rob GronkowskiDefensive intervention, Nadamukung Suh, broad recipient Antonio Brown, kicker Ryan Sokob and full back Leonard Fornett, who as of next Wednesday are ready to become Free Agents if they don’t clinch new contracts first. EFE

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