Top 10 Netflix Original Series of 2021


In recent years, the streaming platform Netflix has been known for producing a large amount of high-quality original content, including several award-winning series and some of the most-watched shows of the past decade.

2021 was no exception, with many new series released from a wide range of genres that are sure to offer something for everyone. Some of these series even became an internet sensation, while others received less acclaim but continued to provide high-quality entertainment.

10 Maids sheds light on underrepresented struggles

Based on Stephanie Land’s diary, maid It tells the story of a young mother who left an abusive relationship and the struggles she faces to rebuild her life. maid It follows a young mother as she works cleaning houses while taking care of her young daughter.

Led by the powerful portrayal of Margaret Qualley, this mini-series delves into the often underrepresented aspects of society with both emotional impact and care. It is without a doubt one of the best dramas on Netflix of the year and an essential work for those who haven’t seen it yet.

9 Hellbound adds a terrifying supernatural element to the real world

For fans of series like supernaturalkorean dark fantasy destined to perish can satisfy you. destined to perish It was even debuted with more success than the massive popularity squid game, receiving rave reviews.

destined to perish The film is set in a world irreparably changed by a terrifying entity that condemns some people to hell, with a specific time that may be in the near or distant future. When their time comes, supernatural beings seem to make this happen in brutal spreads. destined to perish Follow a diverse cast of characters as they grapple with the changes this new force brings to the world.

8 Clickbait is a thrilling story set in the age of social media

click home It is based on the growing popularity of programs that address issues of great importance today, in this case, social networks. click home The film revolves around a young man who disappeared and appeared in a video on the Internet stating that he would die if he reached five million views, and the mystery surrounding his disappearance.

Even if click home They don’t have the same level of social commentary that appears as black mirror, unfolds as an entertaining and engaging thriller. click home It is full of interesting turns that will keep viewers guessing until the end.

7 Sweet Tooth gives a touch of imagination to close themes

Adaptation of the comic book series of the same name, sweet tooth The film takes place in a world devastated by a deadly disease called The Sick. At the same time, bizarre half-human, half-animal babies are born all over the world. sweet age Focusing on one of these hybrids, a boy named Gus has deer antlers sprouting from his head.

Well received by critics, sweet age She was praised for her ability to take what might be a dark and dangerous place, while putting fairy tale magic at the fore. Although not necessarily directed at children, Sweet age It may appeal to younger audiences and adults who are looking for some great fun in their next series.

6 Shadow and Bone is an adaptation of the hugely popular novel series

Leigh Bardugo’s trilogy of novels set in the Grishaverse gained immense popularity, and it was only a matter of time before it was adapted for the screen. Fortunately for book lovers, Netflix has been adapted for Shadow and bones It hit the head, managing to be faithful to the narratives and also incorporate completely new material.

Shadow and bones Well received by fans, he continued with strong performances of Jesse Mee Lee as Alina and Dream Ben Barnes as General Kerrigan. The second season is scheduled to premiere in late 2022.

5 High On The Hog explores African American culture through its cuisine

High on the Pig: How African American Cuisine Transformed America is a documentary series that delves into African American culture and history through the lens of food and its impact on American culture.

Each of the four episodes explores not only a rich and varied array of dishes, but the history of cooking and its influence on the people who made it. Host Stephen Satterfield takes viewers on a journey across America and Africa to understand the origin of cuisine itself.

4 The chair offers a unique and sometimes comedic vision of higher education

Netflix series the The chair is a unique look at higher education and the lives of professors who work at prestigious universities. the chair Follows Ji Eun Kim, played by Sandra Oh, the first woman to be appointed head of the English department at fictional Pembroke University, as she explores the difficulties she faces in her new role.

Although it contains only six episodes, the chair She manages to explore a variety of important themes, led by Sandra Oh, that helps solidify the series with its comedic style and charm.

3 Pretend to be a city is a sarcastic look at New York through the eyes of a prolific resident

Directed by Martin Scorsese, pretend He. She City explores life in New York City through the lens of prolific author and speaker Fran Leibovitz. pretend to be a City features a series of interviews and discussions between Lebowitz and Scorcese, two close friends, as they discuss a variety of topics focused on New York itself.

A shot before the pandemic changed the life of the city on a large scale, pretend it’s a city It’s a look at a different era through the eyes of one of the city’s most interesting commentators, guided by the experienced hand of Scorcese.

2 Midnight Mass explores the experience of a small island community with supernatural nature

Written and directed by prolific horror film director Mike Flanagan, Midnight Mass It is a short series that explores the life of a secluded island community. This society takes a strange and supernatural turn with the arrival of a young and attractive priest played by Hamish Linklater.

midnight Mass has an interesting mix of horror and thriller elements. midnight Collective It offers an intriguing examination of small-town life through the lens of community residents who are forced to deal with events beyond their grasp.

1 The squid game has gained popularity with its incredibly exciting premise

In September and October 2021, it was impossible not to be overwhelmed by the popularity of the hit Netflix series Squid game. This Korean thriller is an incredibly exciting and engaging commentary on society that has revolutionized the world. Creator Hwang Dong Hyuk developed the series in 2009, but was unsuccessful in finding a home for Squid. Game Until Netflix acquired the rights in 2019.

A group of people struggling with bad debts are offered the opportunity to compete in a series of games to win a big cash prize. Only in hindsight did the contestants discover the game’s terrifying twist: either they win or they die.

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