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The best part of birthday In the United States, people are talking on social networks about his unique way of decorating his home inspired by one of his favorite films: “Winter Holidays” (National Lampoon’s Christmas Holiday, its original title in English), part of the series starring Chevy Chase.

Clark Griswold, the name of the character played by Chevy Chase in the aforementioned movie, is known for inspiring all kinds of “Christmas tricks” among his fans, but for the homeowner it was reason enough to play a joke on his neighbors by re-creating .

in a viral video From tik tok (Which was not long ago repeated in Instagram and other social networks), the person behind the home decor created a Clarke-like doll hanging from the ceiling as he put on Christmas lights, complementing it with screams and sounds for help.

This fact was more than enough for his neighbors to contact the authorities, believing that someone was in danger, and as we saw in the compilation of an Instagram post, even firefighters were present at the scene to try to help. .

Although it’s not known if the emergency services were aware of the prank or if they actually came to help someone in distress, it is known that if it was real, the homeowner would undoubtedly get a good reprimand for his raw sense of failure. Humor once the authorities find out that they are all fake.

The viral video of Christmas decorations that prompted the arrival of firefighters

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