Tropical cyclones are approaching the shores, according to E.


It’s not just land that causes damage. When a hurricane gets close enough to land, it can also cause damage like Hurricanes Sandy and Dorian a few years ago.Said Wang, who also cited the 2019 Lekima typhoon, one of the costliest typhoons in Chinese history. “If you check their course before they finally make landfall, those hurricanes have long crisscrossed the American coast for sure causing damage. This is one of the reasons we looked at coastal activity“.

It’s a mystery that, unlike other regions, the Atlantic Hurricane Basin has not recorded any significant drift towards the west, but that may be due to the ocean being surrounded by closer continents, Wang said. The basin of the most intense tropical cyclones is located in the western Pacific OceanWhere the majority of land fall occurs, and westward drift is twice the global average.

Wang and colleagues are continuing to try to find out why this displacement occurred. Storms generally move from east to west due to trade winds in the tropics, so drift to the west usually brings them closer to shore, Wang noted. Usually they move away from the coast, so in this case the displacement does not usually affect the land

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