TV series starring Volodimir Zelensky returns to Netflix in the US

TV series starring Volodimir Zelensky returns to Netflix in the US

“Servidor del Pueblo”, a satirical series that made head UkraineAnd the Volodymyr ZelenskyIt will be broadcast again United State Across Netflixannounced on Wednesday running platformwhile the former comedian achieved “hero” status for Russian invasion from his country.

The American platform announced on Twitter, in conjunction with Zelensky’s emotional speech on Wednesday via video conference to the US Congress, “They asked for it and it’s back! Servant of the People is again available on Netflix in the United States.”

Like an obsession, the theme of “Servidor del Pueblo”, which appeared in 2015, is the unexpected choice of a history teacher at the helm. Ukraine. With humor, the series denounces political corruption in the country.

A scenario whose success – phenomenal in the country – opened the door to Zelensky’s political career, and he was elected president in 2019 with more than 70% of the vote, with the support of a party named after the series.

The French-German network Arte, which has been broadcasting “Servidor del Pueblo” on its page since November 19, has highlighted the “increased interest” that the series has generated. As of March 2, the show was viewed 800,000 times and a few days later it hit a million times again.

Since the first day of the invasion of Ukraine, Channel 4 in United kingdomPREV 1 inch Greece or PRO TV running Romania Join the TV channels that have negotiated the rights to the series.

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