UAE graduate recognized by the Mexican Society of Physics in Medicine

UAE graduate recognized by the Mexican Society of Physics in Medicine
Toluca, State of Mexico; February 1, 2023. –

Dr..Iana Laura Pérez Velasco, who has a Master’s degree in Medical Physics from the Autonomous State University of Mexico (UAEMéx), has been awarded the first place for Best Master’s Thesis in Medical Physics awarded by the Mexican Association of Physicists in Medicine.

For Perez Velasco, getting this recognition means his research has potential clinical application, since his main motivation is to help people with diseases like cancer.

He added that science has many applications in everyday life, but my main motivation is to apply science in health to help people clinically and to create opportunities or innovative alternatives to existing treatments.”

The degree thesis entitled “Study of biodistribution, pharmacokinetics and dosimetry of nanosystems based on radiolabeled high-density lipoproteins and radionuclides for diagnosis and treatment”, which was conducted in an interdisciplinary manner between the Faculty of Medicine, Chemistry and the National Institute for Nuclear Research (ININ ).

It consists in identifying nanoparticles of reconstituted high-density lipoprotein (rHDL) – which we have naturally in the body – that have a therapeutic effect or to obtain images of tumors, where proposals produced are requested to have an important application in a hospital manner.

Part of the challenges I faced during the research was understanding how radiation was managed within the body and which factors were affected. He explained that although it is still in the preclinical stage, the idea is to evaluate its effectiveness against a tumor or as a diagnostic tool.

He pointed out that the development of this type of project can provide clinical solutions that can improve people’s quality of life. In this sense, he invited the members of the university dedicated to the field of health to find what they are passionate about to investigate, as it is important in the progress of health in Mexico.

The Master of Medical Physics is offered at the Faculty of Medicine and aims to train human capital to generate, develop and evaluate basic and applied research proposals that ensure optimal clinical care of radiation for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as monitoring the protection and safety of patients, staff and the general public.

It is worth noting that graduate Julio César Córdoba Adaya won the third place for the best master’s thesis in medical physics awarded by the Mexican Association of Physicists in Medicine.

With information from UAEMex.

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