UFC card possible in Ecuador

UFC card possible in Ecuador

Michael Morales, Ecuadorean fighter from the UFC. Photo: UFC Spanish

The UFC is looking to Ecuador as the next destination for one of its professional cards. That is, because the tricolor athletes have earned international recognition in the famous octagon of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

with the hero Carla Esparzaof Ecuadorean roots, and the three colors Marlon Chito Vera s Michael Morales The country made itself felt strongly in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) company.

Now the UFC is already analyzing a billboard contract in Ecuador. This is how a recent post on the UFC Español page compiles it.

Ecuador’s UFC map is growing with the influence of three representatives of the tricolor who are a sensation at the highest level of MMA. These warriors of diverse fighting styles share the same dream: fighting over Ecuadorean territory before their own people,” stated in Article – Commodity.

Ecuadoreans at the UFC

Last week, Carla Esparza was crowned the strawweight champion by defeating Rose Namajunas by decision. His mother is Ecuadorean and in 2018 he told this newspaper that he always longed to return to the country.

After her victory, the tricolor fighter confirmed that “it would be great if the UFC went to Ecuador.”

Carla Esparza (right) punches Rose Namagunas in her world title fight this weekend in Phoenix. Photo: UFC Instagram Carla Esparza

UFC billboards have been held since 2014 in Latin America. The first time was UFC 180 in Mexico, where Marlon Vera was introduced by chance.

Currently , manabet He’s in the top five by weight and getting closer and closer to a world title fight. In the UFC he fought in the United States, Mexico and Argentina. He has a professional record of 19 wins, 7 losses and 1 draw.

from your side Michael Morales, He is 22 years old, and he has all the conditions to climb to the top of the ladder. Last year, he secured a spot in the UFC with a landslide victory in the Dana White competition series. Then, in early 2022, he beat Trevin Giles.

Now, the unbeaten athlete is expected to appear in June as part of UFC 277.

“The representatives of the tricolor stand firmly in the ratings and unite their voices to realize their wildest dream: UFC Ecuador, on a night that will remain in the history of the sport,” concludes the UFC publication.

Marlon Vera, Ecuadorean UFC fighter.  Photo: Twitter @UFCEspanol
Marlon Vera, Ecuadorean UFC fighter. Photo: Twitter @UFCEspanol

All three are not the only three colors that have a presence in the UFC. The first to climb into the cage, at the beginning of the company, was Rudyard Moncayo who resides in the United States.

In addition, there are other Ecuadorean fighters who have the conditions to reach the major tournaments. it’s more, Emiliano Linares, Mexican League Champion Bodo Cento, has a confirmed fight in the Dana White competition series. Andres Luna Martinetti is on the same path.

All of this is piling up as the UFC billboard takes more and more power to be implemented in the country.

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