Univision announces a change to its prime-time programming on Sunday


Univision Alejandra Espinosa, host of NBL

The Univision tab is moving. Starting Sunday, October 24, the Sunday prime time for the Spanish network will see a slight change in its programming affecting the transmission of Our Latin BeautyStar in reality show.

The reality show hosted by the charismatic Mexican broadcaster Alejandra Espinosa Which includes members of its jury Gisele BlondetteAnd Jomari JoysuAnd Daniela Alvarez And Adele Ramones Its duration will be significantly reduced from the end of this week.

Although he will keep his regular start time – the show will continue at 8 p.m. ET – a beauty pageant that has seen beloved female conductors like Anna PatriciaAnd Francesca LaChapelle And Clarissa MolinaIt will now end half an hour earlier than usual, and ends at 10 p.m. ET.

Univision Alejandra Espinosa, host of NBL

The space that will be free Our Latin Beauty will occupy it Salt and Pepper (Univision), the hit entertainment show they host lord steven And Jomari JoysuThus, it goes from half an hour to a full hour.

Univision Salt and pepper open hours

“Family, I just found out. This Sunday Salt and Pepper Arrives with new schedule at 10 / 9c by Univision, i.e. 1 hour from Salt and PepperStephen announced enthusiastically through his Instagram Stories, where he has more than half a million followers.

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People en Español have contacted Univision to confirm this information.

Starting this week NBL It will be in a 2 hour format (8-10 PM), followed by the next show Salt and Pepper (10-11 p.m.),” reads the statement sent to us by the chain.

The new block of stellar programming on Univision Sundays starting on Sunday will be as follows:

7PM: here and now

8 pm: Our Latin Beauty

10 pm: Salt and Pepper

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