What time does The Army of Thieves, the introduction to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, air on Netflix?


MADRID, October 28 (CulturaOcio) –

Coming Friday, October 29th, to Netflix “Army of Thieves”, prequel to “Army of the Dead”Zack Snyder returns to the zombie world. A story of six years, with the beginning of the end of the world which is directed and produced and Starring Matthias Schweigover. Now, from what time will it be available on the platform?

“In this prequel to “Army of the Dead” by Zack Snyder, a bank worker in a small town, Dieter, indulge in the adventure of a lifetime When a mysterious woman recruits him to join a team of Interpol’s most wanted criminals in an attempt to… Steal a series of legendary treasuries that are impossible to unlock across Europe‘, read the official synopsis of the film.

With another show already in progress, the Animated Series Army of the Dead: The Lost Vegas; The prequel led by Schweighöfer will follow the usual platform launch plan, and be available on the streaming service from Nine in the morning, Spain time. For those who live in the Canary Islands, it will be in It’s 08:00, before one hour. However, in other Spanish-speaking countries, the launch will have another timeline.

These fans Snyder movie, who want to see a prequel and reside in it Mexico The tape will be available from one in the morning, according to the time zone of the central region. also in 1:00 will reach El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala NS Nicaragua. in a two o’clock Is the beginning of the zombie apocalypse will be available to the public residing in Peru, Ecuador, Panama And Colombia.

For those viewers in Venezuela, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Region subordinate United StateThe movie can be watched on Netflix from 03:00 hours.

For their part, those who want the first hit of Dieter and how the undead epidemic arose and who are in it Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay And Brazil (Brasilia and Sao Paulo time) You will be able to see the tape from Four in the morning. At midnight it will be when it can be enjoyed in the western part of the United States.

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