US men’s team demands equal pay for women


The US women’s national team has reached the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics, so it’s one win away from winning His eighth Olympic medal in history And in the event of their coronation, they will be Five gold medals in the honor list.

That is why we must add Won four world cupsNeedless to say, the ultimate strength in women’s football and its accomplishments is a far cry from what the men’s team that raised its voice for equal pay has achieved.

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The men’s team appeals the ruling of 2020

As the women’s team battles for medals at the Olympics, the men’s team is going through a crisis Did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and did not qualify for the Olympic Games In this context, the men’s squad asked a federal appeals court to re-establish the wage claim made by the women’s team.

After winning the 2019 World Cup, the women’s team filed a lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation, demanding equal pay, arguing for its continued achievements at the international level. In May 2020, a judge dismissed the lawsuit.

Judge rejects US women’s national team fair payment request

Support the US Women’s Team

However, the men’s team is now the team demanding equal pay, through a statement after submitting a report before the Federal Court of Appeal.

“The United States Soccer Federation promotes the men’s and women’s national teams under the motto ‘One Nation, One Team.’ But For more than 30 years, the Federation has treated the women’s national team players as second-class citizens, Discrimination against women in their wages and working conditions and the payment of lower wages than men’s players, Despite the fact that American football enjoyed a period of extraordinary financial growth”, as stated in the document.

Appeals to the US men's team to demand equal pay for the women's national team

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They will have an answer at the end of the year or the beginning of 2022

will be the Late 2021 or early 2022 cWhen the arguments are analyzed again and it is decided whether the case will be re-examined or the judge’s refusal is maintained.

According to data from AS, a player from the United States national team earns an income of up to 70 thousand dollars annually, while the maximum aspiring to a player is 46 million dollars.

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