Victory of Lorena Rangel in American Athletics – El Sol de San Luis


Sonada’s victory defeated Lorena Rangel, a student from Louisiana State University, from Potosí, in the 1,500-meter sprint event at an outdoor event called Alumni Gold held in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

The Bernie Moore track witnessed the efforts of Lorena Etzel, who faced fourteen athletes from different universities, and in the end she beat them all, surpassing the finish line in first place with a time of 4 minutes 21 seconds and 25 hundredths.

Second was Annie Fuller, from Texas A&M, who scored 4: 24.93, out of Putuzina who took nearly three seconds; FR Akron’s Beth Arentz completed the podium in third place, which stopped at 4:30.31.

It is worth noting that Rangel Patrice has participated for the second time in the flat 1500 meters and although he has traveled more time, it gave him the first place to win. On his first appearance, he stopped the clock at 4: 19.98 and finished fourth two weeks ago.

Lorena split times were: 54177 in the first round; 2: 05842 per second; 3: 14.476 on the third and closes on the fourth and last from 4: 21.253.

We’ll see what LSU’s coaches for the young athlete decide, if he continues this distance or the combination of that test with the 400 and 800 meters is maintained, in the current season of the United States Athletics Championships overseas.


  • It was the second time Lorena Rangel had run a 1,500-meter dash. At first it was fourth and now first place

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