Video: A hotel employee falls from the 26th floor

Video: A hotel employee falls from the 26th floor

In a horrific tragedy that occurred in Cairo, a 22-year-old Egyptian woman, an employee at a hotel in the Zamalek area, lost her life after falling from the 26th floor of the building. The events, which were recorded in a heartbreaking video clip circulated on social media, show the woman leaving the balcony of one of the rooms and sitting on the edge of the building, holding on only to a rope.

According to the police's first investigation, the employee, whose identity was not revealed, went up to the 26th floor of the hotel, where she was staying, and stood on the edge of the balcony. Despite some witnesses' attempts to convince her to return inside the room, the young woman did not respond to their calls.

The video shows the woman holding on to a rope sent to her from inside the hotel in an attempt to provide assistance. Although she appeared to accept help, the young woman was unable to climb back up, and instead clung to a metal structure on the facade of the building, defying those who were trying to help her.

The situation took a tragic turn when, moments later, the woman asked to be lifted again, but the weight of her body caused the rope to unravel, sending her falling from the height of the 26th floor into the void.

Until now, the authorities do not know the reasons that prompted the young woman to go up to the 26th floor and make the fatal decision to leave the balcony. It is hoped that investigations will shed light on the circumstances surrounding this painful event. This news has shocked the local community, and it is hoped that support will be provided to family members and colleagues affected by this painful loss.

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