Volunteers and UACH’s Director of Medicine distributed water during the COVID-19 vaccination in the education sector; In the Campus II unit


Chihuahua, chih. – On the days of the day of the COVID vaccination conducted in the UACH units of the educational sector employees, high temperatures were presented along with the damage, in order to alleviate its severity. The support, which included teachers and administrators, provided cold water to those coming for training.

This happened in the Polyforum unit of UACH’s School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, on the North Campus, although waiting times were not long, those who had come to wait for their turn outside began to feel hot quickly, so the staff began distributing cold water to whoever arrived Real estate.

Among those who distributed the water was the director of the aforementioned faculty, Dr. Luis Carlos Henugos, who was looking for logistical services during the operation, supervised the work of the volunteers and began distributing the vital fluid on several occasions.

It is expected that they will soon provide notification of the application of second doses of 60 doses or more and other sectors of the population, as well as the places, dates and times when in doubt the highest house of studies will participate again.

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