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12.00 / 1

Olympic soccer team meets Japan

The Spanish soccer team begins its pre-Olympic journey with a friendly match against Japan. And so the players trained by Luis de la Fuente are preparing for the Games, where they will make their debut in a duel against Egypt, the African champion, on the 22nd. Later, Australia awaits in the second match and Argentina in the third match. ..

12.05 / AXN White

panic room

Panic room. United States, 2002 (108 min). Director: David Fincher. Performers: Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, Forest Whitaker.

Among the unforgettable fight club s Horoscope, David Fincher filmed this Thriller Horrifying that while still a minor film in the director’s career, it shows a director with impeccable visual talent and a disturbing and aggressive theatrical presentation. Delicate and angular, his camera investigates stifling sequences, full of tension, when a mother and daughter become trapped in the security camera of their mansion after witnessing their home being attacked by criminals.

14.50 / #0

‘Kung Fu Panda’

United States, 2008 (88 min). Director: Mark Osborne.

A fun animated movie from DreamWorks, perfect for young children to enjoy: a martial arts-loving panda (Spanish dubbed by Florentino Fernandez) will be chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy.

15.25 / Paramount Network


Signs. USA, 2002 (108 min). Director: M. Night Shyamalan. Performers: Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix.

Shyamalan’s third movie is, once again, an excellent work, although its final stretch travels through rather relaxed terrain. The director is committed to creating an unbearable atmosphere of tension using a minimum number of elements; There are times when cinema is just a buzz, and his work is more motivating. On Signs You breathe the suspense of a simplified story, almost without a dramatic progression, which was born with the discovery of giant concentric marks in the fields of the region. Shyamalan accuses the supposed alien existence of witchcraft and relives the flavor of classic cinema.

15.35 / SyFy

“The Amazing Spider-Man”

USA, 2012 (136 minutes). Director: Mark Webb. Cast: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Sally Field.

After the three films directed by Sam Raimi, the Spider-Man franchise is exhausted. Mark Webb knew how to resolutely revive the character, and what is better, with a legendary illusion, the character thanks to a casual visual style, which provided an atmosphere pop For the story, very close to the original comics. Also, without neglecting the work, the inclusion of elements of melodrama.

16.00 / 1

‘a ghost’

EE UU, 1990 (118 min). Director: Jerry Zucker. Intérpretes: Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Goldwyn.

a ghost It can be considered an example of the paths that commercial cinema took in the 1990s: in its day, it won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay. A script that allows the romantic tale of Patrick Swayze’s return from the afterlife to reunite with his sweetheart, overshadowed by peerless Whoopi Goldberg jokes. Best of all, she also won an Oscar.

19.20 / TCM

‘The last emperor’

The last emperor. United Kingdom – France – Italy, 1987 (160 minutes). Director: Bernardo Bertolucci. Performers: John Loon, Joan Chen, Peter O’Toole.

The greatest commercial success of Maestro Bertolucci’s entire career is not only a precarious exercise in style, but also a perfect display of his narrative and visual prowess. Bertolucci delves into the true history of Pu Yi, the last Chinese emperor, and proposes a detailed approach to the social reality of the country throughout the character’s life, from his childhood in the Forbidden City in Beijing to the new era born after the Cultural Revolution.

19.20 / COSMO

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. USA, 1991 (137 min). Director: Kevin Reynolds. Performers: Kevin Costner, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman.

Of course, this review of the legend Robin Hood is a far cry from the romantic and classic image that Errol Flynn presented in the 1940s, because in the 1990s, of course, the scene prevailed. However, the film also includes an unusual intent to reclaim the myth of the genre, avoiding easy jokes, backed by Kevin Costner’s charisma and prioritizing drawing secondary attractions, such as the Arabic character played by Morgan Freeman, and the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham, to whom Alan Rickman brings a sense of humor. confidentiality.

20.10 / Cyrano


France, 1990 (137 minutes). Director: Jean Paul Rapinoe. Performers: Gérard Depardieu, Anne Brochet, Vincent Perez, Jack Webber.

Jean-Paul Rapinoe expresses the ironic and dramatic spirit of Rostand’s timeless work. He does it in a movie that wants to be a show, but also a tour of feelings. The lyricism of the original work is also present in the visuals of a film that vibrates by drawing on the passion for theatrical release that is emptied and also to scrutinize its characters. Among all this, the huge Depardieu sets the screen on fire and makes any viewer fall in love.

20.30 / TNT


USA, 2008 (88 min). Director: Peter Berg. Cast: Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman.

Michael Mann’s personality as a producer is behind this honest entertainment product. Will Smith plays a drunk and antisocial superhero. Things run out mid-shot, but it effectively piles up the filming sequences and Smith’s acting savvy is always delightful.

21.00 / sixth

The five new government ministers in “laSexta noche”

Isabel Rodriguez, Pilar Loeb, Pilar Allegria, Diana Morant and Raquel Sanchez, the five new Cabinet Ministers, will be interviewed in this installment of Sixth night. One week after Pedro Sanchez’s cabinet reshuffle, the program will review with ministers the keys and challenges that will characterize the rest of the legislature. In addition, the President of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Riva and a team of medical and scientific experts, composed of Cesar Carballo, José Antonio López, Olga Mediano, Quik Passat, Juan Torres and Grazila Almendral, will attend and analyze how this is done. To combat the fifth wave of infections and how it could affect summer and tourism.

22.00 / DMAX

Journey to the secrets of space

Documentary series dismantling the universe He is still active in DMAX. His quest is to investigate the hidden secrets that surround the origin and fate of the universe. To do this, he focuses on the study of stars, especially wormholes, which are interesting thanks to computer graphics and computer-generated animation.

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