What details! They give 5 egg boxes to the best footballer in a Zambian league match

What details!  They give 5 egg boxes to the best footballer in a Zambian league match

Most soccer leagues All over the world they are accustomed to reward The best players than its rival with enviable Thanks and appreciation s Awards. However, the Zambian league Prove it exception to this rule. This case has shocked social networks in recent days.

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Amazing prize

Kennedy Musondaforward from the selection ZambiaHe has become one of the leading figures in the Dynamo force from the Zambian league. Leading the attacker Scorers table from the African Championship.

On November 19, 2022, Dynamo force Visit Nkana in the stadium KituiAchieving victory thanks to a great goal from Kennedy Musondawho was chosen as the party figure and awarded a Great bonus.

According to one of the media ZambiaIt was given by the league organizers Five boxes of eggs to the front of Dynamo forceexplaining that three japans were awarded for being the character of the match, while the other two were awarded for the amazing goal he scored.

The African striker received the award with absolute humility, dedicating it to his team-mates, managers and fans Dynamo force.

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Sign on great

during the last season, Kennedy Musonda He scored 11 goals in 17 matches for the club Dynamo force From Zambia, being the team’s benchmark.

class actions Musonda They let him sign for it Young Africans SCone of the strongest teams in Tanzania. The attacker was presented last Friday, January 13th on behalf of New brand promotion One of the biggest clubs in the African country.

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