What do dogs dream about? Science discovered it and revealed it


Everyone who has had a dog as a pet is impressed by their actions. From seeing them wag their tail when they see us arrive, to throwing themselves on their backs to show their stomachs are actions that give us a lot of tenderness.

One of their most intriguing characteristics is watching them sleep, because on many occasions we can tell – by their little grunts or by the way their eyelids move – that they are dreaming.

If you ever wondered what they look like dreams of dogsLet us tell you that science has an answer to this question.

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We know very well that all human beings have dreams, those strange sometimes stories that our mind creates while we sleep.

Human dreams are very diverse, sometimes funny, romantic, terrifying, even crazy and out of logic.

There are many theories about the reason behind dreams, ranging from representing unconscious desires to simply processing the information we gather during the day.

We don’t know much about them, but we do know something: Dogs dream too.

dog dreams

Science is dedicated to investigating the movements dogs make at different stages of the sleep cycle to determine what they are dreaming about.

So far, they have discovered that a dog’s dream is not much different from a human dream.

To conclude from the above, the physical movement of the dog was considered the most important test.

Thanks to this we now know that dogs not only dream, but also dream They dream about the activities they do In their daily life, just like humans.

What do dogs dream about?

to me Doctor stanley koren, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, dogs sleep more than humans, and they have a natural tendency to nap all day.

But this difference with us does not affect that the structure of his dream is very similar to that of a human.

Like humans, dogs go through different stages of waking and sleeping. rapid eye movements (REM .) And non-rapid eye movement sleep.

Dr. Corinne says dogs dream about their usual activities when they are awake. This is why some dogs may shake, move their paws, or even growl or take small bites when they dream.

“Researchers have found that a sleeping Springer spaniel can attempt to hunt an imaginary bird in his dreams, while a dreaming Doberman Pinscher can fight a thief in his dreams,” Corinne said.

This means that their dreams depend – just like humans – on their daily activities and their personality.

The dog and his dream

Experiment In 1977 by a scientific team found that dogs’ brains spend 44 percent of the time they are alert, 21 percent drowsy, and 12 percent in REM sleep.

They also spent 23 percent of their time in the deepest stage of not sleeping. rapid eye movementIt’s called slow wave sleep.

Thanks to this information, we now know that, on average, after 20 minutes of sleep, a dog will have his first dream.

To find out if your dog is sleeping, you just have to note certain signs:

  • Your breathing will become irregular.
  • Then you will have muscle spasms.
  • Finally, if you lift his eyelid, you can see that his eyeballs are moving from side to side.

Thus, thanks to science, we know that your dog dreams about his daily activities, so he will almost certainly dream a lot about you and the other humans he interacts with.

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