What happened to ‘The Little Prince’ on Netflix?


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This week we received an email from someone who was looking forward to seeing him again. little prince But they were surprised that it was no longer available. Some regions still broadcast the animated film, but most no longer broadcast. This is what we know.

Premiere at the 68th Cannes Film Festival, little prince It was one of Netflix’s first major spin-offs in animated feature films. For those of you who don’t know, the movie was originally scheduled to get a file Paramount Pictures Full Theatrical Edition But for various reasons, this was eventually canceled and Netflix acquired the rights in the US and internationally.

Directed by Mark Osborne, the film is based on the French novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The vocal talents of some of the big names have emerged like Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams and Paul Rudd.

In fact, the trailer for The Little Prince is still complete online with the Netflix original brand even though it is no longer available. If you sort the comments by most recent first, you’ll see a lot of confusion about why they aren’t available.

Why did the Little Prince leave Netflix?

additional in August 2016The movie ran for just over 4 years on Netflix US (other regions vary) before its debut in November 2020. A year later, it was read again on November 6, 2020 before being removed again. In May 2021.

So what exactly is happening? Well, as with many of the Netflix originals, The Little Prince is not owned by Netflix. Although he released the film exclusively, he did not do so indefinitely. Paramount Pictures remains the ultimate owner of the movie, so Netflix simply lost the license even though it bears the original Netflix branding.

For those in the US at the moment, they can stream the movie through Prime Video, though we doubt the movie will reside permanently at Paramount+ in the near future.

Netflix Canada lost the movie (although it wasn’t flagged as a Netflix Original there) in May 2021 was available for three years.

A follow-up Canadian documentary has also been shown on Netflix. Directed by Charles Officer, the documentary takes a look at the book’s impact. Invisible Essence: The Little Prince He came to Netflix in the US in January 2019 before leaving Netflix in July 2021.

Where is The Little Prince still streaming on Netflix?

Some regions can still access the movie despite the amount of time to watch it.

According to Unogs, at least 7 countries I can still reach For shooting, including UK, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Mexico, etc.

That is the question, unfortunately we don’t think The Little Prince will return to Netflix, but it was still a major addition to Netflix at the time.

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