What is the “La Niña” phenomenon and why will it affect Mexico?

What is the “La Niña” phenomenon and why will it affect Mexico?

After months of Extreme heatMexicans could see a change in weather in the coming days, with somewhat more favorable conditions arriving. However, this change will not come without potential consequences, as the phenomenon has been reported to have arrived.”The baby girl“, which would bring with it Rain And lower temperatures, although it may also enhance the season Tornadoes.

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The “girl” phenomenon. Photo: Agence France-Presse

“La Niña”, according to National Geographic magazine, is an oceanic phenomenon characterized by Water cooling Surface in the central and eastern part of the tropical Pacific Ocean, accompanied by changes in Tropical atmospheric circulation. These changes have implications for temperature and precipitation regimes in different parts of the world, including South America.

The first record of a La Niña phenomenon, according to the National Institute for Space Research, dates back to 1892-1893. However, in 2022, after three consecutive years of activity in… The Pacific OceanThis phenomenon gave way to “Boy“, causing global temperatures to reach their highest historical levels, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

According to the same entity, the appearance of the “La Niña” phenomenon is characterized by a decrease in sea surface temperature, which is usually lower than average by -0.5 degrees Celsius. This temperature change can provide favorable conditions for formation and development Hurricanes and typhoons in the Pacific Ocean.

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The “girl” phenomenon. Image: Pixabay

With the beginning of the season Hurricanes and tornadoes in MexicoEffects are expected Storms It intensifies due to the presence of the “La Niña” phenomenon.

with “The baby girl“Located in the area security Closer to Mexico, rain and low temperatures are expected to affect much of the country, especially among its residents August and September, The time when La Niña is most likely to affect the climate.

the Rainy season 2024 It officially began on May 15 in The Pacific Ocean And June 1 in Atlantic; So Mexico will be strongly affected Storms and hurricanes Due to the impact of this phenomenon, according to forecasts by the World Meteorological Organization.

This weather situation constitutes a precautionary scenario for the authorities and residents, as it could cause heavy rains Floods And landslides, especially in areas exposed to these phenomena.

In addition, the intensification of the hurricane season implies the need to prepare for the possibility of very intense storms in some areas.

The world is currently experiencing effects “Boy”It is the opposite phenomenon to the “La Niña” phenomenon, which is characterized by high temperatures, which partly contributed to 2023 being the warmest year recorded to date. Experts also emphasize the impact of human activity on global warming, mainly due to the emission of greenhouse gases.

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