What is USB power delivery for chargers

What is USB power delivery for chargers

Fast shipping is common On smartphones available in Spain. There are different types of technologies, since many brands have their own. Some of them reach 125 watts. On some chargers we find a new technology that you may have seen. It’s USB power delivery, and it’s a kind of fast charging.

USB Power Delivery is a new type of fast chargingCompatible with Android, iOS, and some computers. It’s a payload that delivers significant power, allowing its charging times to be shorter than other types currently available.

What is USB power delivery

USB es power delivery USB consortium fast charging technology. As mentioned, these fees are compatible with certain Android and iOS models. A key feature of this load is that it delivers higher power levels than a standard load, so you get a faster charge at all times. The company owns a series of chargers that use this technology.

These charges even have the ability to charge the phone 70% faster than standard 5W charging. Thanks to this, the phone will spend less time plugging in until it reaches a full charge. Additionally, this technology allows you to charge a good percentage of the battery in a few minutes, which makes it especially convenient for those times when you need to charge your mobile phone and have very little time.

USB Power Delivery is compatible with all types of devices, From laptops to smartphones or tablets. So you can use it to charge any device at home easily. If the device is larger, then more power will be applied, up to 100 watts.

What charger do you need

USB power delivery

To be able to use USB Power Delivery fast charging, you need a charger and a mobile device that is compatible with the standard. The most unique point to knowing that the charger is compatible with the standard is that the charger’s output port is USB C, as is the case with both ends of the cable.

Having a charger of equal or greater strength than the phone will accept is an option, especially if you have other devices that can charge using this system. Otherwise, a charger with less power, which will also be cheaper, is a good buy.

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