What Prep Resources Can You Use for Exam-Labs Microsoft MD-100 Exam? Are Practice Tests the Most Useful?

Exam-Labs Microsoft MD-100: Windows 10 is one of the qualification tests that you should pass to get the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification. After completing this exam along with Exam-Labs Microsoft MD-101, an individual will become a certified Desktop Administrator. These specialists are skillful enough to configure, monitor, manage, deploy, and secure client apps and devices in an enterprise environment. They are typically collaborating with the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrators in order to design the device strategies and implement them to meet the business needs of a modern organization. These professionals are also proficient in working with both Windows 10 & non-Windows devices and technologies. They know how to configure and maintain them. Holding the role of a Desktop Administrator means that you also understand Microsoft 365 workloads.

What is the structure of the Microsoft MD-100 exam?

Before choosing the right prep resources, you need to know the details of the test to understand what to expect and what to prepare for. Microsoft Certification – MD-100 VCE is available in the English language only, and the applicants should deal with about 60 multiple-choice questions. The time allocated for the exam is 150 minutes, and it is important to score more than 700 points during this time. All the questions of the test include the following sections to learn:

  1. Windows Maintenance (30-35%);
  2. Windows Deployment (15-20%);
  3. Connectivity & Storage Configuration (15-20%);
  4. Devices Management & Data Management (25-30%).

To choose the study materials wisely, you need to check if they include the details of these domains.

Which prep options to choose for the Microsoft MD-100 exam?

There are a lot of preparation resources that the learners can choose from, so every individual goes for what they prefer more. Thus, there are those who use the combination of guides and exam dumps, others take the training courses that are led by the certified instructors. Most of the students are mixing the paid and free options during their preparation phase to get the most out of it. Usually, the potential candidates choose between the following tools:

  • Exam Ref MD-100 Windows 10 Study Guide: This is the PrepAway Microsoft Certification – MD-100 ETE official study guide that covers all the details of the exam content. It focused on all the topics the test contains and features the strategic and what-if scenarios to challenge you. It is convenient to use this guide with any other prep resource. You can purchase it on Amazon or Exam-Labs Microsoft Press Store.
  • MD-100T00-A Training Course: This 5-day course is available on the Microsoft website and led by the certified experts. With this option, the students can develop all the needed skills, including the installation, customization, and updating of Windows 10 OS.

Besides these two official variants, you can use the following prep materials:

  • Exam dumps;
  • Practice tests;
  • Whitepapers;
  • Video courses;
  • E-learning.

Which resources to use is completely your choice. So, check the ones you liked in detail and find the reviews from other students to understand how this or that will be useful for you.


Thinking about what resources will be ideal for your preparation is the right thing. Choosing the wrong option can lead you to failure, while the right one can increase your chance for success greatly. That is why it is always important to check the details of any study material before using it. Thus, you will be able to learn all you need and pass the Exam-Labs Microsoft MD-100 test with flying colours.

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