What screen size to choose and how far to put it

What screen size to choose and how far to put it

You may be sitting too close or too far from your computer screen without knowing it.

It’s no secret that spending a lot of time looking at the computer is not good for your eyes, and if you can reduce the damage, they will surely thank you. One way to avoid eye strain is to maintain it Your screen is at a safe distance.

The distance you are sitting from the screen It’s important because this can make the difference between feeling tired and sore eyes or not. But, What is really the best distance to place your screen? In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Put your screen at an appropriate distance

What screen size to choose and how far to put it

You should place your monitor at a safe distance to avoid the effects of visual fatigue

The distance you sit from the screen is much more important than you think. Is this too close or too far It can cause eye strain The farther away you are, the smaller everything will be on your screen, but the closer everything will get bigger, making it difficult to absorb you.

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Reading a larger text is easier on the eyes because You don’t have to make an effort That’s why it’s important to sit at a distance where everything on the screen looks big and clear. You should not put your head too close to the screen or stare to see things.

So what screen size to choose?

Screen Size It is one of the most important choices you make when purchasing a monitor for your computer. However, this choice will depend on your needs or the function you plan to give the screen to, and here is our recommendation:

  • 22 inch screens: For small office and commercial use.
  • 24 inch screens: For public and commercial use.
  • 27 inch screens: Perfect for computer games, movies, and design.
  • 29-inch screens (often ultrafast): For games, movies, design and business.
  • 32 inch screens: For console games, movies and design.
  • Monitors 34″ (ultra wide): For games, movies and commercial use.
  • 38 inch monitors (ultrawide): For games, movies and professional designers.
  • 49 inch screens (ultra wide): For designers and professional gamers.

How far should you sit from your screen

What screen size do you choose and how far should it be placed

Your arm measurement is the ideal distance to sit in front of the screen

In general, the best sitting distance away from the screen is what measures your arm, or what is the same, Between 20 and 30 inches away from your eyes. This way, you should be able to read the first line of text on the screen at eye level, without feeling the need to lean forward.

If you’re still not quite comfortable at this distance, it could be because you’re opening your eyes too wide when looking at the screen. If you think this is the case, try screen mode Slightly below eye level rather than its height. This way, you won’t have to open your eyes too wide to see the screen, which could prevent or reduce eye strain.

Do not forget that if you encounter eye strain symptoms, Such as blurred vision, headache, dry eyes, redness, pain or other discomfort, you should stop looking at any screen if possible. Get some fresh air or close your eyes for a moment to give them enough time to rest.

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