WhatsApp | How to activate “Halloween Mode” | October 31 | Halloween | Applications | Smart phones | trick | United States | Spain | Mexico | nda | nnni | sports game

WhatsApp |  How to activate “Halloween Mode” |  October 31 |  Halloween |  Applications |  Smart phones |  trick |  United States |  Spain |  Mexico |  nda |  nnni |  sports game

It is one of the applications that are still the most downloaded on Android and iPhone mobile phones. This is used on important holidays such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries. It is also used to make group calls or video calls with all your friends.

when he arrives October 31, many people are already living the so-called “witches festival” all over the world. In order not to be left behind, today we will teach you how to activate “Halloween mode” in .

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How to activate “Halloween Mode” in WhatsApp

  • Sending empty messages: To do this, you must enter this from Unicode. Copy the blank text in the box. Now paste it in your WhatsApp chats.
  • Download Halloween stickers: You can use the app To be able to download countless stickers between static and dynamic to surprise your friends on Halloween.
  • Decorate your WhatsApp wallpaper in orange: To do this, go to WhatsApp settings, then go to Chats and tap where the wallpaper appears. Choose orange and voila.
  • About the WhatsApp icon into a pumpkin: The first thing to do is download the transparent pumpkin PNG icon from Google. After that download the Nova Launcher app. Select your style and now click on the WhatsApp logo. Edit, tap on apps and select the pumpkin image and that’s it.
  • Reply without changing the last connection time: To be able to do this trick, you must always activate Airplane Mode or completely disconnect from the Internet. This way you enter WhatsApp, answer messages and then call.


  • Verify that the entered number is correct: WhatsApp automatically validates your number, so check if you entered the numbers correctly, otherwise the code will never arrive and you may have registered someone else’s number.
  • The SIM card is incorrectly inserted: Check the operator’s network, if you do not get the full signal, there may be a coverage problem, otherwise if an X (x) icon appears instead of the signal, it means that your SIM card is inserted incorrectly, to check this call number or Try to contact other people.
  • Choose the call, not the SMS: If everything is OK and you have not yet received the verification code, change the option to send by message and choose the phone call. When they call you, you must type and enter the code manually to register your WhatsApp account.
  • Unstable internet connection: It sounds obvious, but remember that WhatsApp requires an internet connection to work, so check if there are problems with your home WiFi or if your mobile data is not exhausted.


  • First, you must install a program APK files on your mobile phone AndroidBelow we’ll tell you how to do that.
  • When you have it, open the app and click on the three vertical dots icon located in the upper right corner of the main interface.
  • Now, click on “Plus Settings” > “Download YouTube Videos”.
  • A new window will be displayed, click “Start Download”.
  • Your browser will automatically open the page.Download video from FacebookTo download YouTube videos in MP4 format.
  • Click on the “YouTube Downloader” tab and in the empty box put the link or URL of the YouTube video.
  • When everything is ready, click on the red button labeled “Convert” and choose the MP4 format.
  • The next step is to press the green “Get Link” button, if an ad appears, close it until the “Download” option appears.
  • Finally, the page will download the video and store it in your gallery. Then you can share it via Whatsapp plus.

What does the circle icon with the sections that appear in your WhatsApp messages mean?

In the last update of WhatsApp beta For iOS and Android users, a feature called “View statuses from profile picture” has been added, but what does this have to do with the incomplete circle icon? Well, when you look at Stories this way or the traditional way (from the States tab), you’ll always get this icon so you know someone has responded to your story, so you don’t have to enter the conversation and avoid leaving the check mark or two blue checks, at Read confirmation activation status.

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