New Amsterdam. Photo: NBC

New Amsterdam It came to Netflix only weeks ago and has become one of the most popular subscriber-pick content. Although this isn’t an original show from the streaming service – because it belongs to NBC – the platform has included it in its catalog as it has stayed firmly in between the trends. For those who enjoy medical drama, and more specifically for the Grey’s AnatomyAnd the New Amsterdam It is an excellent choice.

The series is based on the book Twelve Patients: Life and Death in Bellevue Hospital Written by Doctor Eric MannheimerAnd the So he keeps lots of biographical data and factual data from the oldest hospital in the United States. On the show, the protagonist is named Max Goodwin and is introduced as the new director of a mega general hospital who aims to make structural changes to the system.

Goodwin encourages his colleagues to fall in love with the profession again, to pursue the most extreme resources to help patients and even put aside their personal lives. Hence, this character – who would be the complete opposite of Dr. House – is truly idealistic who thinks changes are still possible.

New Amsterdam. Photo: NBC

On Netflix, there are two seasons available with over 20 chapters each and the third has actually premiered in the US, although it hasn’t yet been shown on the platform. Although it is not known when we will be able to see it on the broadcast giant, this new batch was expected to address the Coronavirus problem, and to directly involve the epidemic in its scheme, an option written by scriptwriters. Grey’s Anatomy.

One of the goals of this series is to show part of what it really means to work in a public hospital, which is why they haven’t considered leaving the trench work that health workers have faced during the pandemic. The range of the main characters in this series indicates diversity, introducing different races, origins, gender identities, etc.

New Amsterdam It replicates many plots that have already proven successful through previous medical dramas, as he fuses into the plot of hospital life with human relationships, love bonds, and the medical conditions themselves. This new proposal is presented aggiornada, in connection with current and real problems.

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