When will it be played? – Colombia metro

When will it be played?  – Colombia metro

Valle del Cauca Classics is one of the most passionate clubs in national football. So far they’ve only faced each other once this semester: exactly in America’s epic 0-1 win at Balmasica against the Azucareros. With fewer players on the field and a solid defense, it was enough to win La Mechita.

Beyond the neoclassic that must be played on the 16th date of the tournament, It was confirmed that there will be a third chapter of the important match, no less than playing the United States.

The two teams were invited to be champions at the 2022 Daytona Football Festival, one of the most important football events in North America. The match will take place exactly on Saturday 2 July, starting at 10:00 am in Colombia.

The sale has already been opened for the public to experience the match. This festival will also see various performances outside the ball; For example, Rauw Alejandro will give a concert at the racetrack.

Teams must travel when the second semester of the domestic tournament has already started. It should be noted that the calendar will be tighter this year, as the Qatar World Cup will start next November.

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