Who will be the new owner of Merida Deer in the expansion league

The Yucatan deer will have a new owner. (Photo: Instagram / @chatonoficial)

Mexican-American businessman, Jeff Luno, along with group of shareholders, got Vinados From Yucatan From MX . League Expansion. According to the journalist Aztec SportsAnd David Medrano, the Former General Manager subordinate Astros From Houston From MLB Yucatecan team procurement process closed, where Will strive to ascend for this season 2022-2023.

“Southers will try to meet the certification requirements to be able to fight for promotion, as there is also an amazing project to build a large stadium in Merida,” Medrano said in his weekly column.

According to Analyst Luhnow I’ve already tried On previous occasions Invest in Mexican football; Since he wanted to buy from Puebla then to Saint Louis athlete. but nevertheless, Can’t finish work The difference remained in place.

For his part, Jeff Luno Boy On the Mexico City the June 8 From 1966. Their parents are of American descent, so they had to move from New York a Mexico to work issues. lived as a teenager United State s Two university degrees in racing Economie e engineering.

Jeff Luhnow, along with a group of investors, acquired Venados de Mérida.  (Photo: Joe Camporell/Reuters)
Jeff Luhnow, along with a group of investors, acquired Venados de Mérida. (Photo: Joe Camporell/Reuters)

Subsequently, he began to relate to the world sports business in a year 2003, when he entered the offices St. Louis Cardinals. His greatest work was the baseball team Houston Astros, who joined him as general manager, but in January From 2020 He was fired due to the controversy in the signal theft case.

After moving away from baseball, Luhnow became interested in soccer, specifically soccer. Liga BBVA MX. This, since the franchise football League (MLS) It has an approximate value of $300 million, while Mexican, in addition to the width Better investment opportunities and her Biggest fan base, at a cost of 50 million US dollars.

Another point that makes the Mexican team a better investment is the fact that it is a player The best product on TV, in both Mexico and the United States. Thanks to the Mexican fans residing in the neighboring country to the north They maintain the association and the fans with their soccer teams.

In spite of Punishment in MLBLuhnow is famous for The process of thinking and analysis, and he It makes him able to turn the losing team into a real contender for the title.

The sustainable stadium will be the home of the Deer and Lions of Yucatán (Image: Twitter / @fantasmasuarez)
The sustainable stadium will be the home of the Deer and Lions of Yucatán (Image: Twitter / @fantasmasuarez)

Finally, a project Sustainable Merida Stadium It will be built north of the Yucatecan capital, in an urban area with colonial influence Cordymix s Ami Mountains, a few minutes from the exit to Puerto Progresso. The property will be designed by Architects densely populated and investments ball game company.

The expected budget for this stadium is 2 million pesos It is expected that It can open between 2023 and 2024. This will be the goal of this sports venue Host different types of events, in which It will have technology that allows you to change the stands and the stadium.

The next home will be from Yucatan Lions of the Mexican Baseball League (LMB) and Yucatan deer From MX . League Expansion. With this build, he led the team Sergio Ordonia will seek certification ante la Mexican Football Federation (FMF) so they can fight for him rise of to me Liga BBVA MX.

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