Puerto Rican athletes celebrate Christmas in the privacy of their family


Just like anyone who is used to taking pictures with their family celebrating On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and nowadays that includes sharing photos on social networks, Puerto Rican athletes on and off the island showed their followers how the last hours have passed since yesterday.

From the traditional group to the more curious others, they give the idea that in the end, a pandemic doesn’t seem to make a difference or prevent every family from meeting as usual these days, even in the smaller cores.

For example, Martin “Machete” Maldonado, Puerto Rican receiver for the Houston Astros in Major League Baseball, shared a letter of gratitude accompanying a photo of his two young children, seated on a sofa next to a Santa Claus figure. .

The tender picture is followed by other pictures showing the player and his children as well as his wife.

“After a year full of blessings and miracles that my family has received, there is nothing better than ending this cycle by celebrating such a joyous season. I wish you a Merry Christmas,” Maldonado wrote, who played between late October and early November in his second World Championship with the Astros against eventual champion Atlanta Braves.

Other Puerto Rican baseball players weren’t very expressive, but their wives also shared family photos with them and their kids.

One of them is Daniela Rodriguez’s wife, Short Stop Carlos Correa, who posted on her Instagram account a beautiful photo with the couple’s new baby, Kylo, ​​who came to the world on November 29 and has not yet reached his first month. In the photo, the three are shown with a figure of Santa Claus in front of the Christmas tree.

A few weeks ago, Rodriguez also posted a photo with Correa, with Kylo snuggling between the two, likely at his residence. Correa spends the winter waiting to sign a contract with a major league team, as he is in free agency after playing his first seven seasons with the Houston Astros and playing in three world championships.

Alex Cora, the Puerto Rican leader of the Boston Red Sox, posted on his case a stunning photo showing some Santa Claus-shaped dishes with sweet cookies. Both plates are engraved with the names of his twin sons, Isander and Xander, the pride of the coach who never tires of mentioning them in frequent interviews with both the press in the United States and in Puerto Rico.

In the case of Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2010, Mariana Vicente, posted a cute photo with her famous baseball player husband Kayek Hernandez, Boston Red Sox guard.

In the photo, they appear in front of the Christmas tree with first-born Penelope Isabel on the player’s shoulders.

Kaek, like Korea, became new parents in 2021. Baby Kaek and Mariana were born in January, so it’s close to her first birthday.

Outside the baseball field, tennis player Brian Avanador also posted a sweet photo with his firstborn, Antonella Isabel, who just turned her first year a few days ago.

Antonella Isabel was born in December 2020, when Avanador had not yet qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, which were postponed due to the pandemic and took to the stage in the summer of 2021.

In another picture, his wife, Nuralis Sui Lugo, and Antonella appear to him. Avanador comes from being the standard bearer for Puerto Rico’s delegation during the Tokyo 2020 Games, along with his cousin and also tennis player, Adriana Diaz. For both of them, this was their second Olympic Games, since they made their debut at the 2016 Rio Games.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rican tennis player Monica Puig, Olympic champion and gold medalist at Rio 2016, celebrates Christmas in her own way. The tennis player is celebrating the fact that after her shoulder ailments, she’s back on the court to train, en route to her anticipated return to competition on the WTA World Tour.

Puig, in her Instagram story, wrote a message celebrating a simple but important event.

“All I wanted for Christmas was service. Thank you Santa! First service in nearly three years,” the athlete wrote, In clear reference to the fact that due to the post-operative recovery process, he still could not do a solid job.

Puig also posted a video of him training.

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